SichuanProvincial Chuanji Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of Sichuan Machinery Research and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.It is an engineering technology company formed by the merger of the engineeringdesign branch of the original Sichuan Mechanical Research and Design Institute(Group) Co., Ltd., the gas engineering technology development center, and theSichuan Chuanji Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.

Specializingin machinery industry, water conservancy and hydropower industry, solar watersaving irrigation and purification, town gas,passengers ropeway, commercial and civilbuilding, oil and gas field ground, pipeline transportation, oil and gas storage,and design, project management and general contracting of various types of gasstations, storage and distribution stations, gas pipelines and other projects,as well as processing and supply of related complete sets of equipment. Thebusiness scope includes engineering consulting for industries such asmachinery, construction, electronics, municipal utilities, oil and gas, waterconservancy and hydropower, environmental protection engineering, etc.(including project proposal preparation, feasibility study, project applicationreport preparation, fund application report preparation, energy savingassessment, cleaner production audit, etc.), engineering supervision,engineering installation, etc.


l  more than 120 employees

l  5 professor-level senior engineers

l  more than 30 senior engineers

l  more than 40 engineers

l  more than 50 people have various nationalregistered practicing qualification certificates

Thecompany has won more than 40 national, ministerial, and provincial excellentengineering consulting achievements, scientific and technological progressawards, and excellent design awards.

l  Vice Chairman Unit of China Machinery IndustrySurvey and Design Association

l  Standing Director Unit of Sichuan Survey andDesign Association

l  Director Unit of China Engineering ConsultingAssociation

l  Standing Director Unit of Sichuan EngineeringConsulting Association

l  Vice Chairman Unit of Sichuan Clean EnergyAutomobile Industry Association

l  Standing Director Unit of Sichuan SpecialEquipment Safety Management Association

l  Director Unit of Sichuan Gas IndustryAssociation

l  Director Unit of China Petroleum ConstructionEngineering Association

Enterprise Qualification

1) Quality, Environment, and Occupational HealthSystem Certification

2) PetroChina Health, Safety and EnvironmentalManagement System Certification

3) Engineering Consulting Grade A Certification

4) Class A Certification in the ConstructionMachinery Industry

5) Municipal industry Grade A (passenger ropeway,urban gas engineering)

6) Oil and gas industry Grade B(gas field surfaceengineering, pipeline transportation, oil and gas storage)

7) Construction Engineering Grade B

8) Municipal industry Grade B (water supplyengineering, drainage engineering, thermal engineering)

9) Environmental engineering Grade B (waterpollution control engineering, solid waste treatment and disposal engineering)

10) Agriculture and forestry industry Grade B(agricultural comprehensive development ecological engineering, facilityagricultural engineering)

11) Water Conservancy Industry Grade C

12) Professional general contracting qualificationsfor electric power engineering construction, municipal public engineeringconstruction, mechanical and electrical engineering construction andenvironmental protection engineering

13) Design license of special equipment forpressure piping (GA, GB, GC) design, pressure vessel (D1, D2) design, pressurepiping component manufacturing, etc. of the General Administration of QualityInspection and Quarantine

14) the only unit in Sichuan Province that hasGrade A engineering general contracting qualification in the machinery industry

Morethan 6000 projects of various types of engineering consulting, engineeringdesign, general contracting and engineering supervision have been completed.


1)Machinery Industry:

l  Shengli Oilfield General Machinery PlantProject

l  Relocation and Expansion Project of the ThreeGorges Reservoir Area

l  Third-tier enterprise escape and relocationproject

l  Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Building Project

l  Sino-Japanese joint venture Chengdu (Toyota)Yaleke Company Automotive Interior Parts Project

l  China Erzhong Group's third-generation nuclearpower forging autonomy

l  Large-span heavy-duty steel structure factorybuilding project with 250t double-deck crane for mass production supportingtechnical transformation project

l  Regal Times Residential District Project

l  Southwest Minzu University Student Dormitoryand Student Activity Center Project

l  Sichuan Chuanrun Group Company's 360-ton,204-meter-long 32-meter large-span continuous-span heavy-duty steel structurefactory building

l  Xinjin Huatong Industrial Park Project

l  A Sino-German joint venture thermal power plantflue gas denitration catalyst of Chengdu Dongfang Kaiterui Co., Ltd. Project

l  Sichuan Jinrui Electric Co., Ltd. builds a128-meter high tower project for 500KV ultra-high voltage (XLPE) and belowpower cables

l  The EPC Project of Sichuan Huitong Energy Co.,Ltd. Nuclear Power

2)Petroleumand Natural Gas Industry

Completeda large number of CNG, LPG, LCNG, LNG refueling stations, storage anddistribution stations, gas stations, expressway refueling and comprehensiveservice areas, gas pipelines, oil and gas field air recovery projects, oil andgas storage, oil field ground, pipeline transportation projects and otherengineering design, engineering consulting and general contracting projects.Our company is the earliest domestic company engaged in the engineering designand general contracting of CNG filling stations.

3)WaterConservancy and Water Supply Engineering

l  Solar energy extraction and irrigationtechnology and device

l  Solar farming wastewater treatment technology

l  Water Saving Irrigation

l  Solar pumping station

l  Large pumping station, small and medium-sizedpumping station

l  Sewage pumping station

l  Wastewater treatment project

l  Land remediation

l  High-standard farmland construction project

We pursues the tenet of "customer focus", adheres to the principle of"quality first, service first, honesty and credibility", and strivesto serve as a good adviser and service for the majority of enterprises, andpromote the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the country'seconomy.

add. :No. 48, Moxiang Road, Industrial Park, JinjiangDistrict, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

tel. :PetroleumEnergy and Natural Gas Industry  139 80905858( Mr. Zhong)

Others   130 0812 3439(Mr.Yu)

fax: 028-85925406-8000